Adam Woronowicz


The stage actor of the Ateneum and Rozmaitosci Theatres. His feature film debut was a part in "The Score" (1999) dir. P. Starzak. "Chopin-Desire for Love" opened his great career. After the release of the film, he played Roskolnikov in "Crime and Punishment" and Chlestakov in Gogol's "Inspector General". At the moment he is preparing two parts for Polish TV Theater.


For Good and For Bad (1999) (Mateusz, TV series)
The Score (1999), dir. P. Starzak) (Kosa)
The Track-way (1999, dir. U. Urbanski (Andrzej)
It's Us (2000, dir. Meg Brodzki, T. Hynek, M. Wojtyszko (tv series)
Chopin-Desire For Love (2002, dir. J. Antczak (Maurice)


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